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Your Highness

Your Highness (2011)
The action of the film takes place in an alternative fairy-tale reality. In a small but prosperous kingdom, two princes live. The eldest of them, named Fabious, is used to always being a serious, focused and valiant knight, able to save innocent girls from the clutches of formidable monsters, perform feats for the sake of his beloved lady and help his father. In fact, the father of the princes is the king of the kingdom, who will soon have to draw up his will, in which he will name the heir. If Slavy constantly helps his father and tries to ease his royal duties, then his younger brother, Thadeous, only likes to have fun, run after attractive maids and enjoy life. He does not want to bother himself with various duties that his brother successfully performs.
One day, the beloved girl Fabious named Belladonna is kidnapped by an evil wizard, who thereby decides to take revenge on his old enemy - the king. Of course, Fabious is immediately going on a journey to find the evil wizard, kill him and free his beauty. He calls his lazy and idle brother to go with him in search, and he reluctantly agrees. The brothers have many adventures ahead, including a meeting with the beautiful and warlike Isabel.