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This Is Us: Season 6

The Challenger

This Is Us: Season 6 (2022)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance.
Released: 2022.
Director: Dan Fogelman.
The focus was on the simplest typical Americans who celebrate their grandiose birthday on one significant date. Each protagonist has been trying to cope with his own numerous family troubles and problems for a long period. It becomes clear that the anniversary can not every time cause a representative of the human race to have the necessary pleasant dizzying emotions and feelings.
One of the members of the unconnected collective has long been worried about a strange reason, which is that a noble, fair man cannot see his beloved caring father at the upcoming event. It turns out that the central modest personality grew up under the care of a mother who almost never started talking about a real biological dad. A naive fool, on the eve of an important event, makes a serious positive decision - to go on a journey in search of a relative. Meanwhile, the situation moves to another state, where a frightened young man experiences stress and nervous shock, as he constantly recalls that his mother died in a difficult birth. Now the number on the calendar makes the poor fellow remember an unimaginable tragedy.

One Giant Leap