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The Village

The Village (2004)
They dare not venture outside their village, surrounded by dense thickets. Residents of the village of Covington, Pennsylvania, lead a peaceful life according to the precepts of their pioneer ancestors. This is a quiet, calm settlement, inhabited by people who are humble, obedient, ready for the obligatory daily work. But they are prisoners of their land, who have no chance to leave it on pain of death. Animals live in the forest, everyone knows about it. Bloodthirsty monsters, hungry for human flesh, prowl in the dark, and woe to the lonely traveler who wishes to pass them along the forest path.
Horror binds hearts with a strong bond, and no curiosity can defeat it. This continues until a young man named Lucius Hunt dares to challenge the dangerous secrets that envelop his home. What monsters will he find in the forest thicket, and some right under his nose, among people he has known since childhood? Tearing off the veils is so easy to cross the line beyond which there will be no more landmarks, nothing that would hold back from a new step forward - to the very end. Especially if the future is at stake, not darkened by prohibitions, love, and life itself, which is in danger not at all through the fault of monsters from old legends.