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Seal Team

Seal Team (2021)
The Cape Town coastline has always been renowned for its unique natural beauty and variety of local inhabitants. A seal girl named Quinn has lived in the endless waters of this picturesque town for many years. The constant merry entertainment and nightmarish dives to the depths of the attractive beauty were often disturbed by annoying aggressive sharks.
Once, during the next celebration, Quinn, along with his faithful friend, as usual, enjoyed a pleasant company. The fabulous idyll reigning around collapsed when suddenly a friend fell prey to a huge fanged monster. The lady offended by fate did not want to put up with such terrible events. She dared to give a fitting rebuff to the gang of bloodthirsty fish. To achieve this goal, the leader assembled a team of fur seals. Only a funny friendly team is completely unprepared for an unpredictable battle. The leader turned to the clever combatant Claggart for help. However, even the unimaginable tricks of a fearless creature are not able to bring the poor fellows into the correct physical form. The ambitious dolphin Dolph has also joined the organization.