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Ray Donovan: The Movie

Ray Donovan: The Movie (2022)
Genre: Drama.
Released: 2022.
Director: David Hollander.
Mickey finally figured out the truth about his unfortunate robbery, and therefore intends to get a well-deserved share of the financial pie. The intruder went looking for Sullivan's former business partner. Meanwhile, Ray Donovan began to indulge in childhood memories in which Jim occupied a special place. The ingenious protector helped a comrade collect numerous debts, but suddenly plunged into a state of shock, because he learned that an impudent swindler could be involved in the suicide of his younger sister Bridget.
Declan approached Daryll with a lucrative offer, who had recently surreptitiously stole shares from Sullivan's corporation. The fateful meeting ended in madness, as Daryl decided to make an escape with the help of a charming girl, Jasmine. During the chase, the victim was mortally wounded. Terry and Bunchy travel upstate to settle old unfinished business. Smitty dropped in on Ray to talk about the bloody murder of an experienced cop. Judge Scholl, who wanted to clear his name to the deceased Detective Perry, also intervened in the conversation. Donovan had no idea that a high-ranking mayor of the city was involved in the investigation.