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Peacemaker (TV-Series)

A Whole New Whirled

Peacemaker: Season 1 (2022)
Released: 2022.
Creator: James Gunn.
He calls himself "Peacemaker". Local authorities consider him an extremist. A man who is ready to go to any lengths for the sake of restoring world peace and justice begins a purge in certain circles. He acts according to the dictates of his heart. He is convinced that he is ready to do anything just for the sake of having certain orders and foundations in his city and country as a whole. If it is necessary for this to kill all those who disagree, then he is ready to start lynching. His murders defy logical explanation. Even the special services are hunting for the guy, but they all do not understand at all how he chooses the victim.
No one knows why this person brings peace and arranges his own rules with these methods. What kind of order can we talk about if he constantly runs into conflicts and lynchings? The list of his victims is replenished, and the elusive extremist remains at large. Will he be able to continue to be as successful as he is, or will he achieve a certain goal by any means? While the Peacekeeper himself successfully hides from the authorities and continues his punitive measures, both opponents and supporters appear in his ranks, despite the fact that he himself is a loner and does not accept an alliance.

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