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National Champions

National Champions (2021)
Genre: Drama.
Released: 2021.
Director: Ric Roman Waugh.
At the center of the action is the Wolves varsity football team, set to win the national title game in Miami. Their quarterback LeMarcus James is set to be the NFL's best quarterback since legendary player Patrick Mahomes. He won the Heisman Prize this year, and football league bosses are ready to take him for $ 35 million with a guarantee. All this time, the team has been in the hands of the best coach James Lazor, although it's strange that he has never won a big game. Everyone is very worried, because the future of the players largely depends on this game.
But 72 hours before the start of an important game, a shocking event occurs. Their all-star quarterback, LeMarcus James, is making demands live and his strike is supported by all athletes. His requirements are simple: fair wages and dignified treatment of young athletes. Here, in front of millions of spectators and listeners, the athlete confirms his statements with compelling arguments in favor of their strike. He points to the semi-beggarly existence of athletes who win millions of dollars for bosses, for example, a title game should bring in half a billion dollars, and the players themselves will not see a penny from this golden shower. Continuing the review, Marcus says that the 12,000 eligible juniors who do not make the NFL every year are also getting nothing. The coach of the Wolves team earns 5 million a year. The commissioners of the five largest conferences power about 4 million each year, as does the President of the NCAA. Therefore, he asks all players involved in the national title game to join this boycott in order to demand from the National Association the recognition of the players as paid employees and not as student athletes..
Watching the footage of the live broadcast, his teammates understand that their best player will not receive anything after this broadcast: zero compensation and medical insurance for all injuries. And tall sports bosses sit down at a round table and, barely moving away from the shock, begin to count losses if they succumb to this boycott..