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Mass (2021)
Genre: Drama.
Released: 2021.
Director: Fran Kranz.
A terrible incident at the school changed the lives of two families forever. A monstrous shootout at the school took the lives of innocent teachers and students. As a result, a child of a married couple died, which after a while could not recover from the loss. But the family of the deceased culprit of the massacre is no easier. In an instant, they lost their son and became outcasts of society, accused of a crime, although it was not they who pulled the trigger. Poor mother and father have to live with a heavy burden on their hearts, even realizing that their own son has turned into a monster.
Two years have passed since the tragedy, and now the parents of the villain and one of the victims have met. The situation is unpleasant and the gunman's family is well aware of the full extent of the grief of the mother and father, who lost their child through the fault of their insane child. The meeting does not bode well, but the pain of loss forces us to look into the eyes of the parents who raised the cruel killer. Will the heroes be able to communicate personally, come to terms with losses, forgive and simply talk like a human without unnecessary tears, anger and anger?