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Last Looks

Last Looks (2021)
Genre: Action, Thriller.
Released: 2021.
Director: Tim Kirkby.
The crime story will tell the story of former detective Charlie Waldo, who not so long ago was an authority figure in the Los Angeles Police Department. Over the years of impeccable service, he has solved many serious cases and earned a reputation as a responsible and principled person. But the unexpected happened. An incident happened that derailed his career. Having lost everything that he had, Waldo decided to retire away from people, choosing for himself the life of a recluse.
Like a savage, he took refuge in the forests of California, trying not to remember the past and the mistake he had made. But one day his peace was disturbed by a message from a former girlfriend who begs him to help save her current husband, a famous socialite accused of brutal murder, from prison. Charlie cannot refuse from old memory, because he still has feelings for this woman and therefore leaves the forest to take up the investigation.