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Hotel Transylvania: Transformania

Hotel Transylvania 4: Transformania (2022)
The owner of the famous prestigious hotel "Transylvania" Count Dracula is once again drawn into a dizzying adventure. A powerful vampire who has been living in the world for over 100 years has recently encountered an unforeseen problem. His wonderful daughter Mavis met a simple tourist Jonathan, with whom, for unknown reasons, she fell in love almost at first sight. The caring and strict father was clearly not happy with such a development of events, and tried by any means to destroy the relationship of a couple in love.
After a while, the young people decided to get married, and a cute baby was born, who was named Dennis. Then a large family went on a trip on a huge ship in order to have a pleasant and fun legal vacation. Now Dracula is facing a real crisis of loneliness. To get rid of the depressive state, the noble monster acquired a small puppy. However, buying a pet did not fix the boring negative situation. The bloodsucker was once again immersed in the work of the inn when the animal began to behave in a strange way. The count went in search of a companion for his four-legged friend, not realizing that he was making a fatal mistake.