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Euphoria: Season 2

Trying to Get to Heaven Before They Close the Door

Euphoria: Season 2 (2022)
Genre: Drama.
Released: 2022.
Creator: Sam Levinson.



Rue and Jules' escape ended in complete failure. Girls are not destined to spend their lives for their pleasure. Even the freedom-loving Rue could not leave her mother and little sister for the sake of true love. She broke the heart of her beloved and returned to her boring home. Drugs are the only thing that makes her life saturated. It's good that there is a reliable Fezco who will solve her problem with the delivery of psychotropic drugs. The sister begins to notice that Rue has changed a lot, she is trying to reach out to her loved one, but all in vain. After the next intake of potent drugs, the girl gets into serious trouble.

Harsh world

Teenagers create problems for themselves, and then they cannot solve them for a long time. Cassie’s hard-hitting occupation ceased to bring her pleasure. New fashionable things constantly remind at what cost a young girl got them. Undressing on camera in front of dozens of perverts has become an unbearable hard labor, but Cassie is unable to stop doing this shameful business. McKay doesn't want to be around such a licentious person and decides to focus on football. If a guy gives all of himself to training, he will soon be able to become a highly paid player. The presence of a dubious passion will play a cruel joke with a talented football player, so the guy decides to break all compromising ties.

Unchildish ambitions

Nate continues to blackmail the hesitant Tyler into trying to keep the guy on the hook. After he forcibly forced a classmate to take responsibility for beating Maddy, Nate felt permissive. Jules' betrayal really hurt the guy. Realizing that his father has a girlfriend he really likes brings unbearable pain from hopelessness.

Out of Touch