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Eternals (2021)
Released: 2021.
Director: Chloe Zhao.
"The Eternals" is a new large-scale project of the MCU "Marvel", based on the cycle of the comics of the same name. As part of a fantastic blockbuster, viewers will meet a whole group of new superheroes from different cultures living together on an isolated island. Being genetically improved people, they are forced to hide from prying eyes. Having united in a community, superheroes live away from worldly concerns, start families and adhere to ancient traditions that have allowed them to avoid their own disclosure for millennia. Only occasionally does the community have to engage in battles with deviants attacking ordinary smart ones.
The idyll comes to an end when Thanos attacks the planet. The consequences of the click turned out to be disastrous even for outcasts who had not previously intervened in the affairs of the Avengers. After the events of Infinity War, the inhabitants of the island decide to step out of the shadows. Ahead, the detachment is waiting for the first feat, which will allow them to win the trust of citizens. The fate of millions depends on the outcome of the mission. At the head of the multinational team is the tactician Ikaris, who is assisted by Sersi, who can manipulate matter, as well as the fierce warrior Thena, the wise Ajak and the technical genius Fastos.