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Cobra Kai: Season 4

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Cobra Kai: Season 4 (2021)
The plot revolves around talented guys who are engaged in karate. The spotlight was on a guy named Johnny Lawrence, who lives in Los Angeles. He was engaged in martial arts and in the distant past showed excellent hopes. But his sports career did not work out due to a loss in the championship. Many years have passed since then, but he still cannot forgive himself for his failure and dreams of fighting his eternal rival Daniel LaRusso. A charismatic man could not break out into people and it is unrealistic to get rich. He is interrupted by odd jobs and has long ceased to believe in the triumph of justice.
Unlike Johnny, his direct competitor achieved incredible success and turned into a wealthy businessman. He has a network of car dealerships and a wonderful family. Daniel lives in luxury apartments and drives luxury cars. A loser envies the rich man and his relationship with his immediate family. His son has moved away from his stupid father and does not want to see him. But fate gives him another chance. He can start from scratch by reopening a martial arts school. A young neighbor who dreams of learning karate pushes him to such a bold decision.

First Learn Stand

Then Learn Fly


Match Point

Kicks Get Chicks


Party Time

The Fall

The Rise