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Yellowstone: Season 4

Half the Money

Yellowstone: Season 4 (2021)
Genre: Drama, Western.
Released: 2021.
The Dutton family has long owned the largest ranch in the modern United States. It is located on the very border of the national park. Great-grandfathers, grandfathers and fathers of the current head of the family, John Dutton, lived on this land. This wayward and proud man is ready to do everything to protect his family and territory from the attacks of profit-seeking enemies. But even a multi-million dollar fortune does not always save you from trouble.
Many claim his land. These include developers who need space to expand their business, representatives of the Indian Reservation, who believe that he illegally seized their land, and even the nearby city is eager to expand. Added to this are the usual family problems and the difficulties of growing children trying to find their place in life. How to preserve the family and not lose the land that feeds?

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