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The Witcher: Season 2

A Grain of Truth

Witcher: Season 2 (2021)
The adventures of the famous and fearless Geralt of Rivia continue. He still travels from city to city, where he fights various monsters and dangerous creatures, receiving a generous payment for this.
At the same time, the war with Nilfgaard is gaining momentum. The allies won a major victory over the enemy, but the final point in the battles has not yet been set. However, Geralt does not care about the war. He made great efforts to find the Child of Destiny - young Ciri. But the main character could not even imagine who the orphan from Cintra was and what role she was destined for in world government.
Now the task of Geralt and his beloved Yennefer is to teach Ciri everything that they themselves know. It is not easy to do this, because the young lady is the heir to the royal throne of the conquered Cintra, with whom all influential rulers want to enter into a marriage union. But no one knows where the princess is hidden, so a real hunt is announced for her.
Meanwhile, Ciri is undergoing training at Kaer Morhen - the haven of witchers. There she will have to learn to control supernatural abilities that suddenly made themselves felt. If this is not done, then the fate of the world is doomed. After all, a sorceress equal in strength to the strength of Ciri does not exist in the world.

Kaer Morhen

What Is Lost

Redanian Intelligence

Turn Your Back

Dear Friend...

Voleth Meir