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The Unforgivable

The Unforgivable (2021)
In the center of the story is Ruth Slater, who was imprisoned at a young age. Now she is getting out of prison, in which she spent twenty years. In the past, she was accused of killing police officers. But now she has served her sentence. Her task is to integrate into a society that has changed a lot over the years. But the heroine cannot forget and let go of her past, since she is constantly reminded of it. She found herself free all alone, even close people turned away from her.
Ruth has a younger sister who is now grown up. The heroine really wants to find her, because this is her only dear person. The girl was adopted by a foster family many years ago. The woman is prevented from finding a relative because of her criminal record. So she's going to do it on her own. The situation of the heroine is complicated by the partners of the dead police officers who wish to avenge the loss of their friends. And when Ruth finds her sister's new family, they are not at all eager to let the criminal into their daughter's life. But the heroine does not intend to give up.