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The Simpsons: Season 33

The Star of the Backstage

The Simpsons: Season 33 (2021)
The family named The Simpsons is sincerely proud of their solidarity and tries not to conflict with each other over sheer trifles. They do not go beyond certain limits and do everything possible in order not to deserve public censure. The head of the friendly clan is a slightly sluggish and clumsy man named Homer. He cannot imagine his life without his closest relatives, reliable comrades and a mountain of delicious donuts.
The second half of Homer is the lovely lady Marge, who does not like to sit idle for a long time and will always find something to do with herself. She has a lot of useful hobbies. The housewife actively fights for the rights of the fair sex and is considered a rather smart person. Despite the ebullient activity, the charming woman does not forget about the upbringing of the younger generation. She likes her surroundings. She will always find something to talk about with the rest of Springfield, who visit her family and discuss the latest news with pleasure.

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