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The Power of the Dog

The Power of the Dog (2021)
It happens that family brothers are completely dissimilar in demeanor. George is an incredibly kind and condescending guy. He amazes others with his responsiveness and makes you feel warm. Phil, on the other hand, is distinguished by inappropriate cruelty. Together they own a huge ranch in Montana. Their interests coincided, until Phil learned unpleasant news for himself. It turns out that the brother secretly married Rose's widow. The girl has a child from a previous marriage, but this did not bother the good-natured George. He managed to find the necessary strength and love the boy like a family. But the relative clearly does not like such a development of events.
The cunning daredevil begins to use the growing Peter to ruin his mother's relationship. Succumbing to numerous provocations, the boy really brings some chaos into the comfort of his home. If he continues to act in this way, then serious problems can indeed arise. Is the malicious intent in him so strong that he is ready to sacrifice the happiness of a dear person? The young man has never shone with joy. And now his heart is filled with love.