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The Flash: Season 8

Armageddon, Part 1

The Flash: Season 8 (2021)
Barry Allen has been very curious since childhood. He read comics at every opportunity and wanted him to have the same superpowers as heroes who defeat villains. Barry always wanted to become someone who would be stronger, faster, tougher than ordinary people, and most importantly, to use his strength not to harm, but to benefit humanity. He soon faced the harsh reality that his beloved mother died at the hands of a supervillain when he was only 11 years old. He still did not quite understand that he would not see her again, and expected that she would come soon. Unfortunately, the miracle did not happen, and he was left without a mother.
The problems did not end there, his father was accused of murder, who had nothing to do with, but due to the lack of an alibi, it was not possible to prove his innocence. Combining his survival with the work of a forensic scientist, Barry is desperate to piece together the true version of who attacked her mother and where the killer is hiding now. But everything went a little not according to plan, when suddenly lightning strikes Barry and he is out of work for 9 months, being all this time in a coma in a hospital ward. To his surprise, Allen discovers interesting opportunities in himself, because it turns out that a lightning strike gave him superpower - movement with super speed.

What will happen in season 8

The ending of Season 7 is very intriguing, as the ending is unexpected. The audience saw the main enemy of the Flash, who will definitely be present in Season 8. The civil war also ended, during which the characters previously familiar from the plot returned to the series. Barry and Iris went back to vows for each other and finished them. It remains a mystery what will happen to the Impulse and XS, whether they will appear in Season 8 or they returned in their 2049th.

The eighth season starts with interesting events, Armageddon is coming and new heroes arrive to help Barry, since he alone can hardly cope with this apocalypse, no matter how hard he tries. Earthlings have faced various problems in the past, but now it really can take the lives of many, including superheroes, they will have to join forces even with those with whom they were in opposition, whom they disliked and preferred not to see. The fate of people depends on Flash and his team..

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