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The Expanse: Season 6

Strange Dogs

The Expanse: Season 6 (2021)
The series takes place several hundred years later, when humanity began to colonize other planets in the solar system. Ceres is a huge transportation hub for earthlings. Local detective Miller is tasked with finding the missing daughter of a very important person.
At this time, the ship, which was heading there, receives a distress order. Soon they are attacked by an unidentified ship. Only five crew members survive - Commander Holden, Engineer Naomi, Pilot Alex, Mechanic Amos, and Medic Shed Garvey. The UN is trying to deal with the incidents. Miller believes that there is a direct connection between them and the missing girl. An attempt was made on her life, and was followed by dismissal from her job. The captain of the ship "Canterbury" flies to Tycho station, where he meets the detective.
As for the sixth season, it will be based on the book Babylon's Ashes. The free fleet begins to operate with renewed vigor, while the Earth and Mars, on the contrary, are already tired of constant terror and are no longer able to defend themselves. But the situation gets worse when aliens attack.

Azure Dragon

Force Projection


Why We Fight

Babylon's Ashes