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The Blacklist: Season 9

The Skinner (No. 45)

The Blacklist: Season 9 (2021)
Most of all in special services they hate employees who have cheated on duty. Raymond "Red" Reddington was rightfully considered one of the best government agents, and had access to classified information, while being an excellent professional. When it turns out that he has gone over to the side of the crime, and has long been abusing his official position, it is hard to believe, but the facts are confirmed and the FBI begins a frantic pursuit of the apostate. Unfortunately, long-term searches end in failure, and there is practically no chance of catching the bastard.
When Red himself comes to the headquarters of the organization, located in Washington, and surrenders to the authorities, it seems like a Christmas fairy tale, as charges of high treason, trade in information and the creation of a large criminal group have been brought against him. However, everything turns out to be not so simple, because during the time of illegal activity, the hero took care of compiling a most valuable archive, indicating the data of numerous shadow bosses and even terrorists. Now he offers, in exchange for new documents and participation in the witness protection program, to take a direct part in the elimination of all these scoundrels. The hero also insists that young agent Elizabeth Keen will work with him as a partner, because she is "special". The first step is to find the dangerous terrorist Ranko Zamani.

The Skinner (No. 45): Conclusion

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