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The Accused

The Accused (1988)
Genre: Crime, Drama.
Released: 1988.
Director: Jonathan Kaplan.
Sarah Tobias is a young girl who faced a horrific incident in her life. It all started with the fact that one evening she decided to go to a local bar to have a good time. There she met several young people who at first glance might seem quite adequate people. But in the end, this night turned into rape for Sarah, as a result of which she sued the intruders.
But she did not have to count on a harsh punishment, since for some reason the court decided that Sarah Tobias was herself to blame for what happened to her. The lawyers managed to prove this, as a result of which the three rapists received only a short sentence under the hooliganism article. But the main character was not going to put up with such a development of events. She turns to prosecutor Kathryn Murphy for help, hoping that she can get justice and reconsider the case. Kathryn takes up her own investigation, as she is very interested in the case. And now she needs to find out if Sarah really was not the initiator of all that happened that night. The matter becomes more and more complicated every day.