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Swan Song

Swan Song (2021)
Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi.
Released: 2021.
Director: Benjamin Cleary.
Law-abiding citizen Cameron Turner was no different from the rest of his neighbors, and for many years he led a measured, calm lifestyle. The hardworking man loved his job, which brought him dizzying pleasure. In addition, the man had an ideal caring family that supported the head of the family in any difficult moments. It seemed that nothing could destroy such a fabulous idyll.
One day Cameron, for some unknown reason, felt severe pain, and immediately went to the nearest hospital to be examined. After numerous analyzes, professional doctors diagnosed the patient with a disappointing diagnosis - he was sick with an incurable disease, for which there was simply no cure. In other words, Turner did not have as much time at his disposal as he had hoped. The end result is a painful nightmare death. The attending doctor decided to tell the dying resident of a huge metropolis about a secret government experiment. With the help of advanced technology, scientists can create a real clone, into whose head all the memories of the original will be transferred. The double will completely replace the deceased relative.