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Star Trek: Discovery (season 4)

Kobayashi Maru

Star Trek: Discovery (season 4)
Events unfold some time after the successful release of the ship from the space criminal. Lately, Michael has carefully considered everything and decided to stay in the future tense in order to continue the restoration of the destroyed world. She understands that the complete unification of the planets into one Federation system may not happen. Perhaps all her dreams of a peaceful life will be destroyed, but the girl does not give up and decides to achieve what she wants at any cost.
After the source of Combustion is destroyed, trust in the Federation increases. Many races have expressed a desire to restore lost cooperation and work together to deal with the difficulties that await the galaxy. An important meeting is scheduled for all species living in nearby solar systems. At the appointed time, they must discuss the accumulated problems and try by joint efforts to find a way out of the scrupulous situation.
A shaky world is on the brink of destruction when the Federation has a powerful new enemy who refuses to obey the authorities and decides to seize the space fleet. The insidious enemy turns out to be much more prudent and does not take rash steps, realizing that any action will push him away from the goal. The crew from the ship "Discovery" once again have to take care of the difficulties on their shoulders. Michael and his friends are ready to once again put everything on the line and eliminate the enemy, but this time the task will be really difficult, and there is no guarantee that the case will be completed successfully.


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