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South Park: Season 24

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South Park: Season 24 (2020)
The TV series has existed since 1997, and viewers were worried that it would be closed. The question of whether South Park will be released for season 24 has wondered over millions of fans. And this applies to each of the parts. But the creators continue to amaze the audience, with new episodes presenting a portion of unfading jokes. The show presents the world through the eyes of four teenagers of different ethnicity and social backgrounds, with different views on life and their own future. Gathering at the bus stop, they find themselves in the thick of events invented by the authors or taking place in real life.
Cartman stands out from the company. And not only overweight, but also a constant desire to offend someone or make a joke of evil. The guy is an ardent admirer of Hitler. And the main subject of his intolerance was the poor. Kyle comes from a Jewish family. The young man does not enter into direct conflicts, believing that he is too smart for this. He is friends with Stan, who also gets it from Cartman. But the teenager doesn't pay attention to it. His dad often does strange things, so it's hard to hurt Stan with anything.
The fourth member of the company is Kenny. He grows up in a poor family, which his friends constantly remind him of. At the same time, they never refuse help. In each episode, the guy dies, but in the next episode he is resurrected. He talked to his friends about his abilities. But they forgot about it, and after Kenny's “deaths” they invariably experience shock. The guys fight with aliens, get to know the world, become disillusioned with adults. Teenagers are faced with a lack of understanding of loved ones and openly conflict with them. The cartoon without cuts touches on topics that are reluctant to talk about in modern society. These are racism, sexual minorities, social inequality, domestic violence, imperfect political systems, etc.

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