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Silent Night

Silent Night (2021)
Simon and Nell are preparing for Christmas. Little Art is looking forward to meeting Santa Claus, gifts, numerous guests, because the house will host a party to which family friends are invited. Parents are preparing for the celebration, and the woman is worried - there is very little time, and the first guests are already on the doorstep. Simon is focused on himself, and only little Art is ready to help his mother. After a while, the children of the two families will quarrel, but the parents are happy - they have long wanted to meet, there is no need to waste time on sorting out the relationship between themselves.
A festive dinner is served, drinks are on the table, candles are flickering, light music is playing, soon everyone will begin to exchange gifts. What could be better? Nobody guesses that they will die before the morning, not all will survive, and the hostess of the evening knows about it. Internal anxiety gradually replaces positive emotions, Nell tries to convince those present that love and forgiveness will remain the main things, but not everyone has the same opinion.