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Rumble (2021)
There are two main characters in the film: a girl named Winnie and a huge monster Steve. The girl lives in the modern world, where monster wrestling was considered the most fashionable and adored sport. Thugs participated in this tournament. Competitions with monsters had a lot of fans. Winnie's only dream was that she wanted to continue the work of her father, the coach. She wanted to raise her own champion. By chance, she meets Steve. The giant monster also wanted to become a real professional in wrestling. But the monster has no strength.
The big and clumsy monster is not at all like those who take part in the tournament. And his physique is not athletic. But Winnie was not at all embarrassed. The girl treated her business with great responsibility. She actively trained her outsider monster pupil, trying to use unusual methods for this. Winnie's persistent and harsh disposition makes it possible to achieve her goal. Insecure, Steve soon begins to believe in himself and even shows tremendous results. But the main thing for this couple was ahead. Steve joins the fight for the title of champion. He has yet to fight the invincible adversary Tentacular.