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Ron's Gone Wrong

Ron's Gone Wrong (2021)
Any child is mobile, full of energy, hyperactive and constantly requires attention. But, parents do not always have time to engage in raising their kids, as they spend the whole day at work, and the kids start dreaming of a pet or any other friend who would spend all their free time with them. The main character Barney was no exception. Having once seen on TV a bright advertisement about a new high-tech robot friend, the boy began to dream of getting one and one day, on his next birthday, his father presented him with a long-awaited gift.
The bibrobot Ron was blue and had to meet all the parameters specified in the instructions: to be the fastest, most complex, advanced and high-tech device in the world and help Barney to establish contact with the world, express himself, create, learn, create and discover new opportunities for himself. But, as soon as the hero opened the box, he realized that his miracle of technology was very different from the norm. Ron turns out to be a defective specimen, and instead of teaching the owner all the intricacies that were originally laid in him, the robot turns into an unintelligent child who cannot distinguish between good and bad.