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Mother Android (2021)
Near future. Modern computer technology has reached dizzying levels. Humanity rejoiced because the best minds in the public finally managed to create a real artificial intelligence. This development served the emergence of the first androids, which were supposed to simplify the life of civilization. None of the people understood what crazy horrific consequences to face in the near future.
Iron smart mechanisms saw opponents in their authors, one fine day dealt a crushing blow to the victims. A bloody unpredictable war broke out, in which none of the warring parties was going to take prisoners. Pretty girl Georgia and her beloved fiancé Sam are caught in a maelstrom of fighting. A frightened couple in love witnessed nightmare scenes in which innocent citizens died every minute. Despite the uncontrollable fear and panic, the guys are forced to embark on a risky journey full of deadly dangers. Armed with firearms, the hunters intended to extinguish the hotbed of bloody battles. The picture worsened when the newlyweds learned that Georgia was pregnant.