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Matrix Resurrections

Matrix 4: Resurrections (2021)
Continuation of one of the most famous film franchises in the history of cinema. It all began twenty years ago when the hacker Thomas A. Anderson was attacked by agents led by Smith. Since then, his life has turned into an everyday struggle for survival. From Trinity and Morpheus, the office plankton learned that our entire world is an illusion created by machines. Artificial intelligence has long enslaved humanity. Only a small group of people manage to fight a powerful enemy on an equal footing. Having received the name Neo, Anderson entered the battle for the future of civilization, but failed.
Years go by. Thomas suffers from a fan of mental disorders, regularly visiting the psychiatrist's office, completely forgetting about the Battle of Zion. One day, the patient decides to give up the blue pills prescribed by the specialist. Memories of the past when he appeared to Neo begin to awaken in Thomas's mind. The crazy visions that haunted Anderson all these years turn out to be true. Teamed up with a group of mysterious people in black leather coats and sunglasses, the chosen one goes to the other side of reality, where he will fulfill his destiny.