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Last Train to Christmas

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy.
Released: 2021.
Director: Julian Kemp.
Tony leads a comfortable life in America in the late eighties. His thriving nightclub, where the guy only works as a manager, seems like a great deal. With great prospects, wanting to become a top employee and move up the career ladder, this guy dreams of achieving a lot of things, but so far all these are just dreams. Should you waste your time on them on Christmas Eve? Moreover, now it is very important to be in time to see family and friends, who will have to get there by long-distance train. They must have been tired of waiting for their prodigal relative. But none of them know what news this guy is carrying with him.
He has a girlfriend and, having tested the feelings of a long relationship, the couple decided to finally get married. Now they are ready to do anything to get closer to each other. This is what the top manager is going to tell his relatives. Falling asleep at a nearby station, he wakes up in a completely different world. Everything is the same, but only many years later. How it happened that the train transported him to the future is difficult to understand. The sad thing is that this future is not at all as bright as the young man imagined it to be. This is very sad and compels us to draw conclusions. He runs back to the train, hoping to go back in time to fix everything he has done.