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Hoodwinked (2005)
A new interpretation of the old, familiar fairy tale - "Little Red Riding Hood". The action takes place in the Magic Forest. Many different animals, birds, and also people live here. Over the past few weeks, strange and mysterious crimes have begun to occur in the forest. Someone "Goody Bandit" began to plunder all the confectionery forests. He robs the sellers of sweets one by one, and no one can interfere with this. But the frog inspector named Nicky Flippers comes to the forest not on this matter. He is being summoned here, since an attack was made the other day. Red, carrying pies to Granny, a sweets saleswoman, instead of Granny saw the Wolf in her house. The wolf had tied up Granny before and locked her in the closet. But at the moment when a decisive battle is about to take place between Red and the Wolf, the Woodsman unexpectedly bursts into the house.
The inspector must listen to the versions of four eyewitnesses: Red, the Wolf, the Woodsman and Granny. But it turns out that each of the heroes tells his own version of events. Nobody lies, but the stories contradict each other. The inspector realizes that someone else is involved in all this, who has not yet revealed himself. Upon learning about the "Goody Bandit", the inspector understands that the crimes lead precisely to him.