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Hawkeye (TV Series)

Never Meet Your Heroes

Hawkeye: Season 1 (2021)
Clint Barton is tired of constantly battling dark forces. A brave and brave warrior repeatedly took part in bloody battles against alien invaders or guests from a parallel universe along with the powerful members of the "Avengers" organization. The legendary Hawkeye managed to help the squad of saviors of humanity defeat the cruel tyrant Thanos. Now is the time to think about your long awaited vacation. But just before a significant event, Clint needs to find himself a worthy suitable replacement.
For a long time, Barton followed potential candidates, but none of them particularly stood out. One fine day, the man met a young ambitious girl, Kate Bishop, who clearly wanted to help people in difficult situations. Hawkeye has finally made his choice. Naturally, the attractive beauty agreed to train hard under the watchful supervision of a mentor. She had to understand that not everyone can try on such a responsible role of a defender. In addition, the poor man will have to rely solely on experience, accuracy, skills and intuition during fights, since she did not have innate supernatural abilities.

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