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Half Baked

Half Baked (1998)
Genre: Comedy, Crime.
Released: 1998.
Director: Tamra Davis.
In the center of the plot are four friends, lovers of parties and entertainment, living in New York. One of the main characters, Thurgood, works as a cleaner in a medical laboratory and brings home an experimental sample of marijuana, which was given to him by an unscrupulous scientist at the research institute.
Gathering together, the cheerful four proceeds to the tasting, after which the guys wanted to eat. And one of them, Kenny, was delegated to the grocery store. At the exit from the store, the guy met a police horse and treated it to not entirely healthy food. The horse died on the spot, he suffered from diabetes. The guy was taken to jail and given a one million dollar bail. Now, the remaining three friends need to find money to free their friend from prison.