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Family Guy: Season 20

LASIK Instinct

Family Guy: Season 20 (2021)
An entertaining story is dedicated to the closest relatives living in the territory of the average American town. The head of the mischievous clan is considered to be an unfriendly and slightly plump man named Peter, who does not suffer from unnecessary complexes. He does not go into his pocket for a word and can sharply respond to a passerby who accidentally meets him. At the same time, he is indifferent to what others think of him as a stupid and narrow-minded person.
The chosen one of the cocky city dweller Peter is an attractive lady named Lois. A pretty woman gladly tries on the role of a bored housewife and keeper of the hearth. In addition to three restless tomboys, the couple has a slightly strange pet. A dog named Brian can speak human language. He cannot imagine his life without drinking and is not going to give up bad habits. His every day is different from the previous one.

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