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Encounter (2021)
Marine Malik spent several years on the front lines, fighting the sworn enemies of his homeland. In bloody battles, he proved himself as a true professional in his field. An accidental injury canceled the plans of the young officer. The guy had to leave the service and go to a loving family. After his arrival, the former soldier had a hard time adapting to a civilian calm existence.
At night, he dreamed of nightmarish memories from the past. Malik is fortunate to have found support in his faithful wife and two sons, Jay and Bobby. The heirs taught the father to enjoy life again. Only now the family idyll suddenly collapsed after a global cataclysm. The head of the family witnessed the appearance of mysterious extraterrestrial microorganisms, brought to the surface of the planet by a meteor shower. Space parasites entered human organisms through the bloodstream, making their way to the brain, and then completely took control from the host. One of the first infected was the spouse of the guy. The girl began to behave in an aggressive manner, and soon escaped altogether. The lonely dad didn’t tell the children about the apocalypse, and turned the trip into a refuge into a fun game.