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Encanto (2021)
An entertaining story is dedicated to the adventures of the amazing Madrigals family, who for many centuries hid in a lost settlement located high in the mountains of the picturesque state of Colombia. The town was called Encanto. Every little house here is literally endowed with magical powers. Locals learned that the surrounding area affects newborn babies, giving mystical gifts to innocent victims.
The cheerful kids received various powers, including the talent for healing. To our great regret, the sweet girl Mirabel, who only recently was born, became an exception. The poor fellow could not understand why the insidious nature performed such a negative action. Every day, the frightened girl tried to discover her virtues, but her attempts ended in complete failures. One fine day, Mirabel's usual life changed dramatically. A mortal threat hung over the magic of the Encanto. The resolute little girl was sure that the Almighty Lord offered her a unique chance - to save the public from a painful tragedy. Meanwhile, the relatives found themselves in a tangled maze.