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Don't Look Up

Dont Look Up (2021)
An asteroid approaching planet Earth. Sounds like the beginning of a primitive apocalypse movie. But for Dr. Randall Mindy and Kate Dibiasky, this tale has become a harsh reality. They are two promising young scientists who, while conducting research, accidentally spotted an asteroid. After performing additional calculations, they realized that this celestial body would crash into planet Earth in 6 months.
Not wanting to be idle and die, the two set off to warn the President of the United States of America. Unfortunately, the White House did not believe them, since there was no confirmation from other stations, and in general they come to them almost every day with such news. Without giving up, Kate and Randall try a second attempt, but through the media. After the second ridicule, they decide to act through other scientists. We went on a press tour to all scientific organizations, made a fuss. A few months later, when the asteroid is now visible even with a conventional telescope, the top management believed them. Meanwhile, after the official confirmation, panic rises in the society. Now the last hope for survival remained Kate and Randall, because only they really prepared for this event and have a plan.