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Doctor Who: Season 13

Revolution of the Daleks (S13E00)

Doctor Who: Season 13 (2021)
The main character seems to ordinary people to be crazy, who escaped from a mental hospital. But behind the eccentric appearance hides a mysterious personality, moving in time intervals as easily as earthlings ride on trains. The character knows exactly where his help is needed and is always ready to come to the rescue of both individual characters and entire space races. He is not interested in profit. He calls himself "The Doctor" and saves civilizations for the sake of purely scientific interest.
The hero's portal looks like a police box. And no one suspects that this is a camouflaged time machine "The TARDIS". The mysterious traveler does not remember his age. His appearance has changed more than once. But this does not prevent him from finding friends and like-minded people who are ready to go towards unusual adventures as soon as a living creature is in trouble somewhere in the universe.

Chapter One: The Halloween Apocalypse

Chapter Two: War of the Sontarans

Chapter Three: Once, Upon Time

Chapter Four: Village of the Angels

Chapter Five: Survivors of the Flux

Chapter Six: The Vanquishers