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Dexter: New Blood (TV Mini-Series)

Cold Snap

Dexter: Season 9 (2021)
The plot of the tv-series told about the serial killer Dexter Morgan. As a child, the hero witnessed the murder of his mother, and over time, a craving for violence arose in him. Dexter's adoptive father Harry, who served in the police, decided to use his son's dark desires for the benefit. As a result, the hero secretly killed criminals who, for one reason or another, could not be arrested.
In the finale of the eighth season, after the sudden death of his sister, Dexter left the young son of Harrison to his friend Hannah, faked his own death and went into voluntary exile. This ending was considered by many to be too compromise. The hero was never punished for his crimes, and his further fate remained unclear.
After the events of the eighth season, Dexter settled in the small town of Iron Lake under the name Jim Lindsay. He works as a salesman in a weapons store, sharpens knives for local butchers and meets a sheriff girl. But most importantly, the hero has not been killing anyone for many years, although he arranges a strange relaxation for himself: he runs through the forest, supposedly hunting a deer. And in the end, he never shoots at him. With his father Harry, who came in visions, Dexter has long said goodbye. But now he is communicating with the ghost of his sister Debra, who helps him not to break down.
One day, the grown-up Garrison comes to the city, deciding to find his father. And at the same time, an event occurs that causes Dexter to spontaneously return to killing.
The new season immediately kicks off several overlapping storylines. The viewer is informed about Dexter's attempts to start a new life and return to murder, then they introduce hints of a mysterious maniac, and in addition to everything they tell about the relationship of the protagonist with his matured son.

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