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Dead Silence

Dead Silence (2007)
In order to relax a little and be in silence, the married couple Jamie and Lisa decide to leave their big town for a more comfortable place. They love each other since childhood, went through many moments together, they are bound by wonderful memories. They were able to mend their lives, find common interests, and live a happy life. But nothing is eternal yet, and their relationship was also able to end. But they were not to blame for this ...
One day, Jamie decided to organize a pleasant family dinner for his beloved, so he went to a restaurant for Chinese food, which they adored. It was only upon arrival home that he found Lisa in a very terrible state. She was already lying dead in the middle of the room, and her body was disfigured. When the police arrived at the scene of the murder, they began to suspect Jamie of the crime. But it was not he who did it, and the guy is sure that his wife has become a real puppet for the maniac. On the eve of her death, she opened a strange box that a messenger brought into the house. It was there that she discovered a voodoo doll, which may be involved in death.
In order to understand the situation, the main character decided to return to the place where he and his wife met and try to find an explanation there.