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C'mon C'mon

Cmon Cmon (2021)
Genre: Drama.
Released: 2021.
Director: Mike Mills.
The film tells a touching story of how one trip changed the life of an uncle and nephew forever. Writer-director Mike Mills shows the relationship between children and adults that is equally lost and confused by the world. After all, adults, like children, may need help to survive.
Radio journalist Johnny travels the country and interviews children about their lives and future plans. One day, his sister Viv asks to look after her nine-year-old son Jesse. Viv herself is caring for her husband, who is struggling with mental illness. The nephew and uncle hit it off quickly, but Jesse asks a lot of uncomfortable questions that Johnny is not ready to answer.
Circumstances force Johnny to take his nine-year-old nephew with him on a trip to America. During the trip, the boy admits that he is afraid to grow up like his father and will face a number of problems. However, Johnny managed to convince Jesse otherwise. This little journey turns the lives of the main characters and makes them take a fresh look at familiar things.