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Bob's Burgers: Season 12

Bob's Burgers: Season 12 (2021)
An extravagant gentleman named Bob Belcher has securely settled in Seymour Bay. He lives in a green building. His own restaurant is located next door. He is trying to keep the existing business afloat and not lose face in front of enterprising competitors. The insidious Mort, who runs the nearby catering, often visits his eatery. Another rival of the guy turns out to be cynical Jimmy, who does not miss the opportunity to hurt him or laugh at him.
Bob spends a lot of time on hard work. At home, he is fully supported by his carefree and positive wife, Linda. A charming woman always finds a reason for joy and believes that one should not succumb to despondency despite the presence of problematic situations. She is raising three restless offspring. Curious and cute kids are not always ready to listen to parental instructions and help them in a cafe. They prefer to have fun and have fun with their friends.

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