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Belfast (2021)
Genre: Drama.
Released: 2021.
Director: Kenneth Branagh.
Belfast is an amazing city filled with vivid emotions and impressions. A little boy lives here with his beloved family. His childhood just falls at the time of global development on a large scale. The whole world is undergoing great changes, as a result of what is happening, people change their thinking, views on future life and feelings. The boy will be able to see how music, fashion and cinema are changing. The world seems to him perfect. After all, in a small town it is simply impossible to be unhappy. The surrounding architecture and landscapes make the heart flutter more in anticipation of something wonderful.
But, will it always be so? What if, at one point, the conflict of the political side affects the life of citizens? Will the child then be able to enjoy unimportant little things? He has a little time before finally realizing the importance of what is happening and trying to delve into a completely different life. And his future life will depend on how he copes. Urban buildings undoubtedly influence the child's experience, forming a special person out of him. Will this affect the guy by changing his essence? Will he be able to turn from an ordinary boy romance into an adult, deliberate person?