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Antlers (2021)
A schoolteacher in a small town, Julia Meadows, spent a long time observing the strange behavior of one of her students. Lucas differed from other peers in a strange isolation, reticence and unwillingness to maintain communication with classmates. Initially, Julia thought the boy's behavior was somewhat mysterious, and then she and her brother became involved in a series of mystical events associated with Lucas.
Paul, who works in the police, did not share the special zeal of a relative regarding the story of an unusual child, and then found out the details of what was happening and suddenly changed his mind. The boy's home contained an ancient and powerful force that defied control or logic. She was able to destroy the lives of a huge number of people in the event of further inaction.
Feeling responsible for what was happening, Julia, along with Paul, had to do everything possible to reveal the secret of the mystical and dangerous house. They had to go through a series of tests, cope with unpredictable difficulties and do everything possible to find answers to exciting questions. And no one could force them to give up on an important task.