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10 Things I Hate About You

10 Things I Hate About You (1999)
The film will introduce you to two completely different sisters. Despite the fact that Bianca and Kat are brought up in the same house, they pursue completely opposite things in life. Bianca is an incredibly popular girl at school, on which every other guy dries up. And almost always she finds herself in the spotlight, not missing out on opportunities to prove herself. Despite the lack of any sophistication, she gets everything from life that cannot be said about Kat.
That always remains a gray mouse that does not show. Moreover, she does not seek to be in the spotlight. She is quite satisfied with the fact that she has practically no friends, and also there is no relationship. No one can find a common language with such an obstinate young lady. But one day Bianca finds herself in a difficult situation. The thing is that a girl can only go on a date with a guy if she finds Kat a guy. The task is not easy, but it seems to Bianca quite doable. Soon, this leads to the appearance of an equally strange Patrick, who is the main bully of the neighborhood.