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The Good Doctor: Season 5

New Beginnings

The Good Doctor: Season 5 (2021)
Genre: Drama.
Released: 2021.
Creator: David Shore.
Young Dr. Sean Murphy has exceptional abilities. He has a fantastic memory and a very delicate sensitivity to human diseases. This made Sean a brilliant surgeon. But he has one more feature - a talented doctor personally has a child's developmental level of about ten years. He flies to the city of San Jose, where he plans to get a job as a resident doctor at a local hospital. Already at the airport, Sean must save the life of an unknown boy. Meanwhile, his teacher, Dr. Glassman, convinces the hospital to hire Sean, although the medical board does not approve of the young candidate's diagnosis. But on the very first day, Sean managed to show his skills.
When receiving visitors to an emergency room, the doctor immediately determined who needed serious treatment and who had only minor health problems. Sean gradually got better not only at work, but also in his new apartment. He is even friends with a neighbor. Over time, Sean was assigned the task of treating young patients with rather complex diseases. But sometimes parents are against their children being treated by such a doctor.

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