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Jackie Chan's First Strike

Police Story 4: First Strike (1996)
Released: 1996.
Director: Stanley Tong.
In Chan's service, secret smuggling affairs are entrusted, the best CIA agent closely monitors an attractive lady named Natasha. He follows her to Ukraine and quickly identifies her secret partner. Former nuclear scientist Tsui has stolen nuclear secrets, but his capacious diplomat is found next to him in the restricted area. After a series of unforeseen events, the disappearance of the defector, the hero is introduced to Colonel Gregor Yegorov in Moscow. In Australia, the spy's sister participates in an unusual shark show, Annie received a disguised oxygen tank and hides a warhead she received from her brother in an aquarium. While watching the girl, Chan discovers Tsui.
The latter confesses to triple espionage, his actions were necessary for his own salvation from persecution. Three years ago, he was caught by Russian intelligence, recruited by the FSB, but by chance he began to serve the private interests of an already well-known military man. Several dangerous skirmishes will follow, an attempt to remove a weapon from the bottom of the sea, a breach of the seal of the aquarium and the escape of a killer fish. The Australian police will professionally work out the detention of Yegorov and hand him over to the Russian authorities.