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Invasion (TV Series)

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Invasion (TV Series)
Possible consequences for earthlings from acquaintance with extraterrestrial civilizations. Unfortunately, these events turned out to be sad and did not bring anything good to human civilization. Bell Tyson is the sheriff of the district entrusted to him, who is going to go on a well-deserved retirement. But before saying goodbye to his beloved territory, the man decides to say goodbye to her. In addition, he is worried about incomprehensible holes that have appeared on one of the electricity transmission lines. Another hero is Trevante Ward. He is a brave and courageous soldier who, it seems, is no longer afraid of anything. A man endangers his life by participating in the war in Afghanistan. Every day Trevante Ward has to fight for her life and fight Islamic terrorists.
The family of Syrian immigrants lives a quiet life. The husband is a successful businessman, the wife is a beauty and a wonderful hostess, children are the joy and pride of the family. They all live happily, not knowing what awaits them. An intelligent head of a space company in Japan prepares a rocket carrying a woman astronaut with fire in her eyes. The case is extremely fascinating to the woman, she lives this dream of the upcoming dispatch. None of the heroes even imagined that their lives would be hanging in the balance today. All continents are suddenly attacked by extraterrestrial beings, ready to destroy everything in their path.



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