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Foundation (TV Series)

The Emperor's Peace

Foundation: Season 1 (2021)
Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi.
Released: 2021.
In the distant future, humans have finally risen above their base of animal instincts and evolved into a highly civilized race endowed with tremendous intelligence. They settled in different parts of their home planet and lived under the rule of the Galactic Empire. It seemed that the life of the sages would now be like paradise, but soon, according to the calculations of Gary Seldon - the great and incredibly brilliant scientist who created a new science - psychohistory, the Empire was threatened with destruction. He saw the world fall, order would become chaos, and all these events were inevitably approaching.
Deciding to tell the others about his own developments and show them the future reality, which was estimated to last about thirty millennia, Hari Seldon was faced with what he expected. He offered the ruling elite an excellent plan according to which the Second State could be built, more reliable and capable of preserving all the accumulated knowledge, culture, achievements and experience of mankind for the normal functioning of an integral system. However, his ardent ambition and desire to protect all living things were condemned. Most of the prophecies and ideas of the scientist were received with doubt, but he nevertheless decided to single-handedly create his own organization for salvation.

Preparing to Live

The Mathematician's Ghost

Barbarians at the Gate

Upon Awakening

Death and the Maiden

Mysteries and Martyrs

The Missing Piece

The First Crisis

The Leap